About Us

Edgar’s Inn is a second home to many Ainslie locals and one of Canberra’s best-kept secrets away from the bustling CBD. One of the best places to catch live sport, its closed environment provides an intimate atmosphere for customers.

From Breakfast to Dinner, you’ll find Edgar’s OPEN and serving all day, every day.


Whether it’s popping by in the morning for breakfast, sharing a cheeky schooner with workmates over lunch or catching up with friends to share some wood-fired Pizza at dinner, Edgar’s can cater to all your needs.

Toast | 7  vgf
Sourdough, raisin or
Gluten free w jams

Eggs on toast | 15  vgf
Poached, fried or scrambled

Almond & coconut muesli | 16
Dried fruits, strawberries
& blueberry yoghurt

Banana porridge | 17
Fresh banana, nuts & brown sugar

Edgar’s brekky roll | 15  gr
Double bacon, egg, cheese,
Tomato relish, lettuce & hashbrown

French toast | 18
Strawberries, vanilla custard
& cinnamon sugar
Or bacon & maple syrup

Avo on toast | 20 vgr
Avocado, hummus, chickpeas,
Fresh herbs & poached eggs

Mushrooms on toast | 20
Pan fried mushrooms, poached eggs,
Spinach & tallegio cream on sourdough

Green eggs & ham | 20
Scrambled eggs, basil pesto &
Prosciutto on sourdough

Eggs benny | 21  vgr
Poached eggs & hollandaise
Sauce served w choice of
+ spinach
+ bacon
+ housemade salmon gravlax (add $2)

Pork croquette | 22
Poached eggs, caper
Mayonnaise & parmesan

Cauli fritter 20 | gr
Poached egg, avo,
Capsicum & onion relish

Edgar’s big breakfast | 25  gr
Eggs your way, bacon, tomato,
Mushrooms, sausage, spinach,
Hashbrown & sourdough
+ served w a free regular coffee

Vego big breakfast | 25  gr
Eggs your way, tomato, avocado,
Mushrooms, greens, smoked carrots,
Hashbrown & haloumi
+ served w a free regular coffee

1x egg 3.5 2x eggs 6

Tomato, spinach, hashbrown, 4.5
Mushrooms, hollandaise,
Pork & fennel sausage

Avocado, bacon, proscuitto 5.5
Housemade salmon gravlax,


1 x Egg  |  3

2 x Eggs  |  5

tomato, spinach, hash brown, 

mushrooms, hollandaise, pork & fennel sausage  |  4.5

avocado, bacon, housemade salmon gravlax  |  5.5

gluten free   |  *gf
gluten free on request   |  gfr
vegetarian    |  v


Cup | 4.3 mug | 4.8
50c extra
Extra shot, decaf, soy, vanilla
Caramel, lactose free, hazelnut,
Almond milk, honey

Tea from tea drop | 4.5
English breakfast, earl grey,
Lavender grey, peppermint,
Honeydew green, chamomile,
Lemongrass & ginger, chai tea

Bloody mary | 14
Ketel one vodka

Cold pressed juice | 7

By HRVST ST (Brisbane Australia)

Ruby Tuesday
Pear, watermelon, pink lady apple,
rhubarb & lime

Orange Sky
Orange, pineapple, lemon & turmeric

Little green
Kale, spirulina, spinach, pear,
cucumber, lemon & ginger

Blood bank
Beetroot, cucumber,
green apple lime & ginger

Add ginger + 50c


Green apple

Snacks & Starters

Buffalo wings | 17
Crispy chicken wings w franks hot sauce & ranch

Salt and pepper squid | 18
Lime salt, cracked pepper, chilli flakes & fried basil

Housemade hummus v | 15
Woodfired flatbread

Grilled chicken tacos | 17
Guacamole, salsa & chipotle mayo

Tofu san choi bow v | 18
Stir fried vegetables, lettuce & soy

Duck spring rolls | 18
Chilli jam & herb salad

Korean fried cauliflower v | 16
Crispy fried cauliflower, sticky korean dressing & sesame

Black bean dip gfv | 15
Tomato, lime, coriander, jalapeno & corn chips

Beef nachos gf | 20
Chilli con carne, cheese, sour cream,
Guacamole, tomato & jalapeno salsa

Chips v | 9
Sweet chilli aioli

Beer battered chips v | 10
Sweet chilli aioli

Sweet potato chips vgf | 11
Cumin salt & ranch mayo


Chicken gf | 24
Fennel, zucchini, fresh herbs, tomato & sumac

Haloumi vgf | 22
Wood roasted carrots, snow pea tendril, onions & pepita
Add chicken 5

Crab | 25
Vietnamese herbs, chilli, lime & fish sauce

Heirloom tomato v | 22
Stracciatella, heirloom tomato,
Celery, sourdough & bloody mary dressing


250g rump | 31

350g sirloin | 37

350g pork rack | 34

Served with choice of 2 sides & a sauce

Wood roasted carrots
Braised mushrooms
Garden salad

Shiraz jus
Black garlic butter
Peppercorn cream
Mushroom gravy

Gluten free | gf
Gluten free on request | gfr
Vegetarian | v


Proper burger w the lot  |  24
Bacon, egg, beetroot, pineapple, cheese, pickle & bbq sauce

Edgar’s burger  |  21
Cheese, lettuce, pickle, tomato & mayo

Fried chicken burger  |  22
Southern fried chicken, slaw & pickles

Veg burger v  |  20
Zucchini and cauliflower fritter, tomato,
Lettuce, haloumi & cucumber yoghurt

Blt  |  20
Grilled bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato & mayo


Chicken schnitzel  |  24
Gravy, mushroom, or pepper sauce, chips & salad

Chicken parmy  |  26
Ham, napoli sauce, cheese, chips & salad

Fish and chips 25
Beer battered hoki, chips, salad & tartare
Grilled on request

Chicken pad thai  |  28
Stir fried chicken, egg, tofu, bean shoot, flat rice noodles & peanuts

Fat spaghetti v  |  27
Capers, tomato, basil & burrata

Tournedos gf  |  38
Eye fillet, bacon, caramelized onion,
Field mushroom, spinach mash & jus

Barramundi gf  |  34
Smoked potato, onion, capers & romesco sauce

Pumpkin tagine vgf  |  24
Roast pumpkin and chickpea tagine, spices & fresh herbs


New york cheesecake  |  13
Strawberry compote

Coconut pannacotta  |  13
Mango, lime, palm sugar syrup

Tiramisu  |  13
Traditional espresso tiramisu


Margheritas  20

Tomato v  |  fior di latte, basil

Pumpkin cream  v  |  smoked mozzarella, basil

Zuchini cream  v  |  fior di latte, basil

Summer margherita v  |  fresh cherry tomato, stracciatella, basil

Usuals  24

Ham |  mushroom, olives, artichoke, tomato, fior di latte

Hot salami  |  spicy peppers, chilli flakes

Bresola  |  mushroom, artichoke, fior di latte, balsamic glaze

Sopressa  |  cherry tomatoes, fior di latte, genovese pesto

Anchovy  |  cherry tomato, capers, garlic oil

Veg v  |  pumpkin cream, mushroom, olives, artichoke

Prosciutto & roquette  |  grana padano, tomato, fior di latte

Unusuals  25

Calamari  |  zucchini cream, roast potato, fried basil

Eggplant & speck  |  smoked mozzarella, basil

Zucchini & speck  |  zucchini cream, spicy peppers, ricotta

Bolognese  |  ricotta, parmesan

Sausage  |  pumpkin, mushroom, spicy peppers, grana padano

Prosciutto & pumpkin  |  roquette, parmesan, ‘nduja

Fours  25

Mushroom  v  |  oyster, mushroom cup, enoki, porcini cream, smoked mozzarella

Cheese v  |  grana padano, gorgonzola, smoked mozzarella, ricotta

Meat  |  salami, ham, sausage, ‘nduja, tomato, fior di latte


Monday - Friday7am til late


Saturday and Sunday8am til late

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(02) 6257 5488info@edgarsinn.com.au